first person puzzler

Developed at Concordia University Montreal.
Project duration: three months.
Lead programmer; group of three undergrad students.
Personal responsibilities: Gameplay programming, movement and dynamic material.

Hard Copy is a first person puzzler literally breaking down the walls around the player. With the power to absorb material properties from any you see, and shoot them back anywhere else, the player starts out in a locked room with now way to open the door. Your tools are a cup of water and the will to get wet.

Built in Unity3D, Hard Copy is a quick prototype for gameplay testing purposes. Combining a light bake and dynamic materials was only implemented roughly. The character movement is based on typical ego shooter controls.

Hard Copy recieved an 1.0 (A on the ECTS grading scale) following a presentation in class at Concordia University.

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Michele Krüger

is a gameplay progamming
postgraduate (M.Sc.)
from Berlin.

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