dynamic ecosystem god-game

Developed at University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin.
Project duration: four months.
Developed in a group of seven master students.
Personal responsibilities: Eco system rules, pipeline gameplay and visualization.

MITAN approaches the god game genre from the standpoint of a new planet, a clean slate, with a precariously balanced ecosystem. Any interference from the players side may carry with them a chain reaction of unforeseen consequences.

Built in Unity4, MITAN is a collaboration of 5 developers working on interacting subsystems. The grid-based eco system simulates 12 weather variables that interact locally and form a coherent climate. The production subsystem allows buildings to generate resources and in turn influences its surrounding environment. In this way creating a balanced economy poses a challenge from the very first minute.

MITAN recieved a 1.3 (A on the ECTS grading scale) following a presentation at HTW Berlin's IMI-showtime.


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Michele Krüger

is a gameplay progamming
postgraduate (M.Sc.)
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