math in space

Developed at HTW Berlin.
Project duration: Three months.
Developed with: Game Tech class of 2012.
Personal responsibilities: Sole developer of concept and gameplay mechanics.

When the solar system is under attack only teamwork and excellent math skills can save its inhabitants. By connecting the planets through their operating sattelites, they must create the exact number displayed on the attacker. With increasing difficulties, higher numbers, more operators and longer expressions the problems can be adjusted to be fun and challenging for anyone from elementary school to gameplay programmers.

Programmed in Unity5, Raumffisch is based around a calculating system that takes any number of linked numbers and operations. The player can test a chain of planets by pressing a button, which leads to the system iterating from start to end and checking the result against the answer. A lot of development time was spend on iterating the concept and creating a visually and logically clear ruleset, easy to understand for an elementary school audience.

My individual work (concept and gameplay) recieved the top grade following several playtests with a local elementary school class. Students of the HTW Berlin continued development and refinement in 2013.

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Michele Krüger

is a gameplay progamming
postgraduate (M.Sc.)
from Berlin.

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