classic trading card game

Developed at HTW Berlin.
Project duration: 3 months.
Developed solo.
Personal responsibilities: concept, artwork, network and gameplay implementation.

TwinHead is a lose interpretation of the classic german card game Doppelkopf. Three of its aspects make it an interesting port into a digital game: A nonstandard order of value, rules and properties changing in runtime depending on the board state and narrative elements all seemingly disconnected from the default french card deck. This concept therefor aimed to display every property in an on-card description text and give them (made-up) narratively coherent and memorable portraits while still using the original card names and descriptors.

Built in Unreal Engine 4 the prototype provides basic four player network functionality, as well as the Doppelkopf ruleset and correct awarding of points.

Return projects. - Berlin 2015

Michele Krüger

is a gameplay progamming
postgraduate (M.Sc.)
from Berlin.

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