wild & tame

Developed at University of Bremen.
Project duration: Ten months.
Developed with: Julian Hespenheide, Hendrik Heuer and Felix Heibeck.
Personal responsibilities: concept, physical computing, vector-based movement algorithm and assembly.

Wild&Tame is a project on interacting with digitally controlled physical objects. Designed to behave on its own the spherical robot moves autonomously and can be interacted with through an haptic interface remote. By tilting and flexing the device, the surface motion is replicated via the robot's actuators. Simulating organic behaviour such as a heartbeat, the impression of an organism is created.

Built from an Arduino board, 30 servo-powered spring actuators, an XBEE wireless com module and a custom carbon fiber shell. The robot is equipped with two LiPo batteries and an array of sensors to calculate its absolute position in 3D space.

Wild&Tame recieved the top grade following a presentation at the University of the Arts Bremen.


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