HTW Berlin 2014 | Unity3D

A Construction and Survival Simulator based around dynamic weather conditions and resource transportation via a network of pipelines.


HTW Berlin 2014 | Unity5

An educational math learning game for first to third graders. Numbers up to 100 and basic arithmetic operations can be linked in chains up to 11 modules.

Hard Copy

Concordia Montreal 2012 | Unity3D

Prototyped 1st-Person-Puzzler with a dynamic game world. Simply point your gun and absorb an object's properties, then fire it onto another.

Wild & Tame

Bremen University 2011 | Arduino

A spherical robot propelling itself in 360° through 32 independent pistons driven by servos and springs controlled through an array of sensors.


to recent projects. - Berlin 2016

Michele Krüger

is a gameplay programmer for hire,
has a M.Sc. in Computer Science
and over 1 year of experience
living in Berlin.

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